Juniors 8 - 18

Here our priority is for the boys and girls to enjoy and fall in love with the game, and want to come back for more. It's the start of their football pathway, so if we get this environment right, they will be juniors at our club for many years to come and one day play for our senior mens and womens teams and if they are lucky the Socceroos or Matildas.


U18 Boys - Carl Bardsley

U16 Boys - Ron Terpstra

U16 Girls - Frank Formston

U14 Boys - Mike Raw

U13/14 Girls - Alicia McKillen

U13 Boys - Joseph Joseph

U12 Boys Jaguars - Paul Hoddinott

U11 Boys - Dave Oulton

U11 Boys - Greg Brack

U11 Boys (3rd team) - TBC

U10 Boys - Steve Tolcher

U09 Girls - Shaughn Jones

U09 Boys - Renny Anthony

U09 Boys - Craig Clark

U08 Boys - Craig Russell

U08 Mixed - Ty Dennis